Gorilla News Reporting

I have been thinking about news reporting and how it has evolved.. since the first revolution in Tunis followed by Misr.. and now.. Libya… Bahrain and Yemen.

Journalism as we know it has changed – so how to report the most up to date news with just a phone and a few essential apps?  I have got you covered.

First thing first – You need a working smart phone with a working phone network – for the purposes of the list below – an Android phone.

Facebook– Check in where the revolution is happening. Organize your friends and other people who share interests – into a rally, protest or even just casual sit in.

WordPress– Why wait for a major news outlet to get to the country and gloss over the real issues?  Say it loud and say it proud – why revolution or why not revolution is needed in your small corner of the world.

Seesmic –  My twitter client of choice -on the spot updates of whats happening you can upload  also your on the street photos –  when its happening through Seesmic via Twitpic.

Bambuser– Stream live video to the internet via this app.  Useful to bring the real story – where “official” reporters can’t go – in live color to your internet audience.

Other items that can be helpful to improve your Gorilla reports are-

Petzl Headlamp to provide lighting while you are reporting which are priced $20 and up from Campmor

Fisher All Weather Pen $7.99 from Campmor – This pen writes in rain – upside down and in outer-space – an excellent go to in revolutionary conditions.

Rite in the Rain notebooks – also provide a great companion to the Fisher Pen as they are designed to operate in the harshest of conditions – battle fields to swamps to jungles and deserts.  So when you need to grab the name of the friend of a friends second cousin you just interviewed – you can do so and know the name WILL be legible even after being pulled out of your sweaty pocket 12 hours later.

Anything I missed besides maybe a helmet and a bullet proof vest?

Let me know by leaving a comment.


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