The Waiting Game

Its been two months since I last heard from the Peace Corps, sent in my last bit of paperwork and got the all clear for placement.

Two long months.  I ask myself why should I be surprised that after a whole two year long application process that I again would be forced to wait.  I even emailed the person who is suppose to move my application on to my placement officer.  Still no movement.

My grandmother might say something along the lines of, “patience is a virtue,” right about now – I guess that’s just another virtue I can chalk up to missing.

Maybe I am going a little stir crazy with anticipation.  Now I see why people go crazy trying to find out the sex of their unborn child, peek at their Xmas and birthday presents.  It’s the not knowing that kills you – not the actual waiting itself.

I would also like to start to purchase the things I might need in advance to save money with sales and such.  I have splurged on a new piece of Eagle Creek Luggage – the Switchback Max25 because it was almost 50% off AND it has two awesome features – its a rolly with a handle and wheels but it can convert into a backpack with straps for the shoulders and waist/hip strap to distribute weight if needed due to rough terrain.

It’s exciting to mentally be thinking of getting ready to go somewhere new in the world.  Now I would like to get a leg up on the language because I suck at language acquisition due to my  dyscalculia.

I really really want to go to Jordan or Morocco – unrest and all to improve my preschool level Arabic skills.  Recently I also have become interested in beekeeping as well which hopefully will make me a stronger placement application for at least Morocco ( although really its more about my interest in the bees.)

So I am talking a class on March 20th in Berkeley at the Bio Oasis – Introduction to Beekeeping 101.   I have also picked up a copy of, “The Backyard Beekeeper,” by Kim Flottum which has been highly informative and gave me a lot of food for thought about keeping bees.

One of the thoughts that occurred to me in reading and doing my research on bee keeping is that I need to find someone willing to take on an apprentice beekeeper.  I can’t set up a hive only to leave to the far reaches of the world.  That would be horrible because it would be foolish to invest $200+ in the hive and other equiptment only to have to give it away.

And trust me my mom is NOT going to be taking care of my hive – she has a bad back already, is horribly allergic to bee stings and has my velcro poodle to deal with? Not going to happen.  Even parents have limits when it comes to taking care of “unique” pets like bees.

So I continue to wait.. and try focus on other things like my job at Youth Uprising.


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