In the Kitchen – Moist Lemon Chicken

My mother didn’t prepare me as her daughter to be a homemaker or a house wife – she prepared me to get out and be somebody. So I find myself in something of a rock and hard space because now that I am married and its summer in Morocco – meaning my Dar Chabab is as empty as tomb on Sunday – most of the cooking and homemaking falls to me.

Its also a challenge to cook in Morocco because everything has to be made from scratch- all the preprocessed foods are to expensive to be purchased on our budget and I don’t have any fancy gadgets in my kitchen that are so common in America to make it easy to whip something up from scratch.

So I can’t just run out to the store to grab an item I missed in the recipe -that my readers is a luxury that doesn’t exist in the developing world.

I can’t count the number of times I read in a recipe – now put X in your food processor or your bread machine or your stand mixer.

The closest thing I have to any of those – is my blender which works great for smoothies but bread dough – I think not.

So that means I whisk things together by hand because there is no way I am going to by a hand mixer or a standmixer which run between 300DH and up at this late point in my service here in Morocco.

So I was scratching my head and looking for a recipe to make for lunch this past weekend and through Pinterest – I found the blog –

And there Moist Lemon Chicken Recipe – which is divine – I saved the leftover sauce and I have been dipping bread into it randomly to snack on – its that good.

I made rice and put the chicken on a bed of rice – when I served the recipe.



I also made a cucumber and onion sweet and sour salad – I loved it – my husband hated it.

So major props to the Inspired Taste duo.  This was a success in my kitchen.