A good friend reminded me of two important facts.  That we all die alone and we all are born alone even if we are part of a set of multiples.

Some might disagree that we die alone because one can die in a room surround by family and friends but the reality is.. we are the only person who is dying, dies or is dead at the end of the day.

Our families, friends and children are left behind.

This is why many scholars recommend living without attachment for this existence.  Many people live for acquiring wealth, homes, beautiful objects or land.  Some individuals live for pleasing others such as their families, co-workers or spouses.

There are only two things scholars recommend living for 1. the Akhira (aftelife) and 2. Seeking / collecting knowledge.

I have been struggling to balance between living for the Deen and pleasing my family. I have realized I can’t please everyone nor do I want to.  So my question for my self is what is the solution?

Islam and Qur’an put honoring/ respecting one’s parent(s) as one of the biggest things a Muslim can do.  What happens when respecting or honoring one’s parent(s) and being a good Muslim come into conflict?

This is my jihad (struggle).