In a tizzy

I know I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever for me – so let me update you about what I have been up to.  Last week I took off two days from work to handle a crisis involving a sister in Islam – the agency I work for Ameri Corp – doesn’t give sick days or vacation days – your either there getting your hours or you aren’t.  So I choose to sacrifice for a sister – and make up the work time later.

In doing so I didn’t have any real access to the internet except via my phone and since I am healing up my right hand which I injured texting – no lie.  I didn’t want to go crazy pecking out a blog post or two only to be down a hand when I needed it.

That was exhausting and it was confusing.  I was running on adrenaline and 3 hours of sleep for two of the three days I was handling that craziness.  I had only packed for two days mind you – so that got interesting – although Alhumdualillah I packed an abaya which became my staple to hide my lack of clothing options.

I spent a lot of time making dua.  I also made sure to do a lot with what little I have to help her.

I then came home and basically crashed out trying to recoup from the three or was it four days?  of intense crisis.

I then got up at 4am on Sunday morning and drove my mom to the airport so she could go on her business trip to Cleveland, OH.  I always miss my mom when she is gone.  Its like the heart of the home is missing when she isn’t there.

Then back to work that Monday – I was still wiped and totally not in sync with the rhythm of the office.

By Tuesday – I was happy because it was one day closer to Friday.  It also didn’t hurt that it was my birthday.  So I went to work and didn’t really say much about my birthday to my coworkers.  Some of them got upset – once they found out that it was my birthday – as I stated I was leaving early from work after coming early to work that day and everyone wants to know why – when the person who is first in and last out of the office decides to leave work early.

Ironically I totally forgot my favorite Chinese place is closed on Tuesdays and had told everyone that we would meet there – so we instead went to Strings Italian .. which is ok but I wanted my wonton soup!

Then it dawned on me – Crab!  I really have been meaning to have some crab – so today with my mom back in town and a few close friends we are going to have crab down in San Francisco.

My mom also surprised me with a Kindle – I seriously had thought I was getting Adobe Elements so I could spiff up the blog but my mom pulled a bait and switch on me!  She even got all my family to give Amazon gift certificates to help me purchase books.  I was very surprised but pleasantly so at the bait and switch.

So now I am pondering the ebooks on Amazon and other places and trying to figure out which ones are the best deals to buy and what do I really want to read.  I have downloaded a ton of free books offered through and now I am moving on to searching open source sites like

I am also happy to note that my job is still intact after the GOP pushed through the house of representatives a bill that kills the national service programs and just about anything else they have on their list of hate.

Is it just me or are politicians becoming rogue states?  They no longer make excuses for their outrageous acts and the Tea Party is coming across as a hybrid between a hate group and a bunch of ignorant self righteous @#$$’s – its like FOX TV on steroids.

Almost makes me want to run for office – but I will hold off as the American people can’t seem to handle honest no holds barred conversations – like I want to have on the campaign trail.

Its a sad day when George Orwell’s quote rings true, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”


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