Vegan Soup – New Halal Option!

So I wanted to share a new halal food item that I was introduced to while I was at Word Press Camp in Portland.

Dr. McDougall’s Soups- My favorite is the split pea – it tastes like there is BACON in it.. and the most exciting part is.. wait for it.. there is NONE!

The soup is Vegan – meaning no animal products are a part of the soup!

I eat the soup every day for lunch at work with a sandwich and other goodies I pack in my lunch bag.  Its great just add hot water or microwave and you have hot halal yummy soup.  The brand offers a bunch of options everything from Pad Thai to Chicken Ramen!

You can find it in the health section of your local grocery store such as Raley’s or at Whole Pay Check *ahem* I meant Whole Foods  or purchase online from a six pack is $9.56 which is a pretty good price!


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