Peace Corps Medical Review Update

Oh the saga of the Peace Corps application continues!

So I submitted the medical information asked for in the last letter only to receive a new letter on Xmas eve.  Before I opened the letter I was apprehensive wondering if it was a letter saying I was medically disqualified since it was such a slim envelope.  So I just pushed down the butterflies and opened the letter.

A sigh of relief and frustration.  Another letter requesting more medical information – this time about eye drops I was prescribed for a sty I developed from the dust in the air at my new office which dried out my eyes and irritated them – which meant of course I rubbed one of my eyes that bothered me to the point it developed a sty. Oh joy.

Oh and a copy of my Pap results to go with the letter from my doctor that I sent in stating they were normal.

Can they be more persnickety?

When they tell you that the Peace Corps application process is a race of stubborn persistence – they aren’t kidding.   Well so now I guess I need to email my doctor to request a letter and wait around for an answer – only to pay another $30 for a doctors visit to pick up a piece of paper. >shrugs< its not like I have anything else burning to do.


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