Blanket Bonanza

So I just got my sewing machine back from the repair shop – THANK YOU MOM!  I am now on serious domestic goddess rampage due partly to the return of the sewing machine and partly because it means the more things I make – the less fabric I am storing in my room.. part of that whole living with less motto.

There has also been a recent baby boom – well I guess I should say continuous baby boom? Every month there are two or three births bringing new faces to the Ummah.  So I am sewing baby blankets currently to give to sisters who have recently had babies.  InshaAllah.

Here are some of the products… I use flannel on one side and polar tech fleece on the other.

I love the fun and funky graphic prints I am finding in flannel.  I am also hand quilting these blankets with interesting patterns in this case circles of different sizes.  I have another project that is on my list  pillow cases and hijabs!  Keep an eye out for these in future posts.


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