Peace Corps Update

I got a letter last week from the Peace Corps saying my medical file is finally under review.. it only took 3 -4 months.  BUT.. they need updates on a few things now that its been more than six months.. so I now have made multiple new doctors appointments.. in the effort to get everything in order once again and fax it or mail it off to the Peace Corps once again.

Well.. if it all works out maybe before I turn 30 I will have an answer.. that gives them 3 years to get things together right?  Wait.  That might not be enough time for OUR government but what do I have to lose?

My back up plan is starting to look like getting CELTA or TEFOL certified and teach English somewhere in the Gulf.  If that doesn’t work out.. then I may just finally bite the bullet take the GRE’s and go to grad school.  Le Sigh.

Subr is needed in my morning bowl of Wheaties.  Alhumdualillah.


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