A New Halal Costco Find!

So its rare that I find many items at Costco that are Halal but surprise surprise my mom goes to Costco.. and in her effort to bring a princess present home stumbled upon this find.  So for all who don’t know what a princess present is.. in our family its a gift you make or purchase for no reason except it made you think of the person your giving it too.

So one of my princess presents was Sukhi’s Chicken Biryani and it is HALAL!

Its even microwave friendly.. so now need to wait long to put dinner or lunch on the table for friends and family.

I have yet to eat it.. but sometime soon its Biryani for my family for dinner and I will insha’Allah update this post if it was tasty or not.


So Update!!  One word – YUM.  This biryani is excellent!

I microwaved the biryani and it was quick and easy.  I received a comment about who certifies the halal meat.  The meat is from Al Marwah brand chicken in Atlanta, GA USA.  Sukhi’s also offers a Halal Chicken Tandoori as well.  If you want to read what Sukhi’s has to say about their Halal meat please check out the Halal FAQ Page.


3 thoughts on “A New Halal Costco Find!

  1. *Shukran Bro. Shahzad for the update*
    It is sad to inform that Harrison Poultry based in Bathlehem, Georgia which sells Halal Chicken under the Al-Marwa brand will terminate hand Slaughter halal program effective Jan,1 2011.From this date, Al-Marwa product will be machine slaughter and will no longer be approved as Halal. The Halal Advocates of America did there best to convince Harrison to maintain there Hand Slaughter Program but the management felt it is the thing to stop hand slaughter at this time.

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