Podcasts, Knowledge and Dawah

So I in my efforts to continue my education while being pretty darn busy now that I am working again.  I through friend rediscovered the world of pod casts.  What I really like about the pod casts is that while I drive to and from work I am now able to learn instead of just listen to music mindlessly.

What I was even more surprised about is that more and more Islamic organizations, universities and scholars are learning how useful pod casts are in sharing knowledge.

Some of the pod casts I can recommend are the following available through iTunes:

Democracy Now – for daily news

Bayyinah Institute – Tafseer from the Bayyinah Institute in English.

The Deen Show – Now offers an audio only version for its pod cast and it continues to offer its video episode for download as well.

Seeker’s Guidance – Sound advice and scholarship by teachers and scholars for Muslims living in the 21st Century

New Islamic Directions – Imam Zaid Shakur – Different lectures and talks by Imam Zaid Shakur

Zaytuna Institute Knowledge Resource Podcast – a way to connect with the knowledge preserved and taught at Zaytuna Institute.

altmuslim – a daily news show from the Muslim perspective – its the Muslim Daily Show- Take that Jon Stewart!

I also really enjoy the different BBC and NPR pod casts as well.

So if your working on not listening to music like I am.. the pod cast is one way to make the transition less painful!



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