Shoes, shoes , shoes – 100 Item Challenge

So.. its started I began tonight with my shoes.  I am donating 8 1/2 pairs of shoes the half comes from a walking cast.  InshaAllah someone gets better use out of them than I do.  I decided there are some – two pairs of Doc Martin dress shoes and one pair of Sketchers Boots – that I am still wishy washy on even though they are shamefully dust covered!

I had to keep my cute dress shoes – that I wear once in a blue moon!  I also couldn’t get rid of my Sorel snow boots – I co own with my mom and my hiking boots.

I know you might be thinking.. who needs five pairs of dress shoes – especially for someone who doesn’t wear them regularly.. some shoes have powers that can only be used once a year! otherwise the effect might wear off!

Like these-

As for my daily shoe use- I ended up keeping-

So grand total 5 – Dress shoes+7- Comfy Regular Shoes +1 Pair of Hiking Boots = 13 pairs of shoes after I got rid of 8 1/2 pairs.  Along with 3 Maybes- Most likely to be rehomed with my mom or sold on Ebay – Not bad for the first pass through of the shoe section!


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