So today I had my interview at a local agency for the job of case manager for youth transitioning out of foster care. I was nervous so I left the house very early to BART into downtown Oakland. I figure worst case scenario I am really early and I have an hour to half an hour to kill.

This interview was also nerve wracking because I knew they were looking for someone with a background in social work not international security and conflict resolution.

So I had to figure out how to sell myself based on skill set rather than qualifications. Boy was I nervous. The worst thing is that the more nervous I am sometimes the more I talk.
So I waited around for 45 minutes because I was so early for the appointment. Got to know the receptionist a bit and of course work myself into a tizzy. Which ironically the receptionist asked me if I was nervous or not. I asked her did I seem nervous – she said no. That I seemed calm and collected which is laughable because I was quaking in my hijab!

Once the interview started I entered this zone. Where I answered the questions and promptly forgot the answers I stated. Selective memory lost to prevent embarrassment?!
Not sure.

On the interview ended as I got up my Ameri Corps supervisor started to congratulate me. Only to stop. So I have no idea if I did well or failed miserably.

Well if it doesn’t work out. I will just continue the job search.

Well a few days later, I found out I wasn’t a match for that agency and the position remains open. I was then offered an interview at Youth Uprising. I went into that interview feeling extremely confident and aced the interview and within 24 hours the job was offered to me.

Now I just got a call from Public Allies in SF saying they have a opening after trying to push me into moving down to San Jose – to get accepted because “the SF Public Allies was too competitive”. I will listen to what the offer is but I am not sweating it. Alhumdualillah


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