Sick Tazah and .. launching the blog off of

So my dog is sick.. the food still isn’t agreeing with her.  Poor pup has been up chucking all night and day.. when she has nothing left to up chuck.. and just a few minutes ago.. while sitting with her next to me on the couch.. she up chucked again.  Thank god for leather couches!

We have a vet appointment at 3:45pm.  InshaAllah we get her well again.

I got up for Suhoor.. but the last three days.. just waking up in time for Fajr! Alhumdualillah I didn’t feel the thirst just the tummy grumbles.  For Suhoor I had left over peanut stew and fresh lo mein noodles I bought at the Berkeley Bowl mixed in… it was rib sticking good.

I have also been toying with the idea of moving the blog off of  I have no idea how that really works.. but I have checked to see if my domain is free.. and it is.. and after that I have no clue what I am doing.


I have also been enjoying my hermit status.. but I have a meeting at 4 pm.  I have also been wanting to be more Betty Crocker.. cooking and baking have been calling my name lately.. I have the time and I love doing it when I am not rushed or feel pressure to do so.  So keep an eye out for me trying  some interesting recipes I have found!


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