Peanut Stew from Mali

So its Ramadan.. and a girl has to have something to do on a Saturday morning /afternoon.  I had found this great collection of recipes put together by for Ramadan.. and I being a huge fan of peanuts decided I would cook this up for my friend’s Iftar I am going to tonight.  Plus I just wanted to torture myself while fasting.. 😛

You can find the recipe at or just click here for the direct link to the recipe.

I made some slight changes as I was cooking because I felt the stew was a bit thin – so I added in five small potatos – saving half to be browned and put the other half in to boil and then be pureed.  I also instead of just boiling the veggies to death – added olive oil before the water and let them cook a little till they were soft and then added in the water.

The chicken I also got the thighs deboned at the halal market and then chopped it up after I browned it nicely in a pan before adding it into the soup pot because I personally hate not getting some meat because some else or other people have fished out all the meat leaving only the broth behind. So my solution to this problem is to dice up the meat – so everyone can have some tasty chicken!

I also added freshly ground black pepper instead of directly putting in the peppercorns into the soup and I used fresh ground sea salt to taste.

Also because I am going to a party with this.. I made sure to use a deep pot so I have an extra 2 inches from the rim to soup.. so I am inshaAllah less likely to have it spill during transit if there is a sudden stop- although I will also saran wrap the top.. so it has an extra layer of protection.

It said serve with rice – but this bad boy is nice and thick.. and doesn’t need rice given the changes I have made but feel free to make some rice to serve it over.


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