The Daily Show- Gets it Halfway Right- Team Allah (swt)!

So with all the crazy hype and fear mongering about the Cordoba Center in NYC one of the few sane voices in the middle of the insanity is Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report.

So as usual a new post went up on FB by a mutual friend of a clip from the latest episode of the Daily Show which was awesome –Terrorist Command Center.  After I watched that clip I decided to watch the one entitled – Team Mohammad vs. Team Jesus.

This is where I was sorely disappointed by Jon and his research team. Jon -really by now you should know that Muslim’s although following the teachings and the way of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – we also acknowledge that Allah sent the message to other people and prophets before Muhammad – so technically speaking – Muslim’s get a double vote – One for Team Muhammad and One for Team Isa (Jesus).  Whoop Whoop.

I know that’s probably why Jon and his research team – ignored that blatant fact about Muslims – because it wouldn’t have made for as good TV.  Ah well .. its still a win – win for the Ummah! As long as we remember- Nabi is nice but Allah is all that and sugar and spice!  So go Team Allah!


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