Its in the mail.

You just when your like.. maybe I should do something else things always have a way of popping up.

The day before yesterday.. yeah I know.. hella late on the last post update before this..

I promise to try and do better!!

So yesterday eating my lunch in the Paris of East Oakland,CA – my phone rung – and the number is from a 202 area code – hello Washington D.C. Peace Corps Headquarters.

It could only be one person – my placement officer.  Tempted to let it go to voice mail.. and delay the inevitable possible bad news of having a really delayed departure and having to most likely break off the Peace Corps application all together.. I swallow the last bite of my turkey sandwich and answered the phone.

Hey its.. I have some good news.  I got my final invitations for the year and you have been invited to do Youth Development in North Africa/Middle East  September 2011.

My mental train of thought just about derailed at that last sentence.  It was exactly what I wanted to hear from my placement officer from the very start of my application process in September 2009.

I told my placement officer how excited I was and did he know the exact country I would be going to???

He said.. I can’t tell you – you will find out from the invitation that I am putting in the mail tomorrow – which should reach you in 5- 10 business days.

Well.. there are only two programs?!  Morocco and Jordan!!

It made my day.. I was walking on air.. I couldn’t concentrate at ALL at work.

I still had to talk with my executive director and discuss what this means for employment until sometime in September when I ship out.  She said – that’s great but now lets figure out how to hold the work you have been doing.  So some flurry of questions and suggestions flew around the center and finally I sent out an email.. with the final ideas I had.

Still.. Cloud 11 is occurring in my little world.. and finally I can get down to packing, selling my car etc.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho ~ The Alchemist


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