Team Al Maghreb!

Yep so yesterday while I was sitting at my cousin’s wedding banquet of all things. I got the news.
All week I have been watching the mailman like a hawk.  Poor Juan the post guy.  He was probably wondering what was so important.   My Peace Corps invite!

Although on a random side note – it showed up UPS not USPS.

The whole family was on alert – to the point that after I drove up from the Reviving Islamic Spirit Convention on Monday afternoon/evening  I told my mom’s partner that since I was leaving to go to my cousin’s wedding in SoCal on Wednesday or was it Tuesday? – that I wanted her to open the letter and text me the news – ASAP!

So we left on Wednesday for the wedding extravaganza and I kept checking my phone – well I was bored a lot but that’s another story – and praying Ya Allah – put wings on these post people’s feet!

Finally last night I got the text – YES!  Something to distract me from feeling hella awkward in a crowd of people at the wedding  A. I don’t know and B. I am the only Muslim & Hijabi  – oh joy for the side looks and whispers.

I swear some people act like I killed their dog and stole a small child from the suspicious looks I get at times but moving on.

So I got the text –

“Morocoo. Congratulations!! More info in an email.  Sept 12th. :0) You did it!!!”

Hell yeah I did it!  22 month application process.  Two years of Ameri Corps.

And finally I achieve my goal that I established in high school of serving the Peace Corps and in an Arabic speaking country.

Alhumdualillah (Thanks be to God)


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