Back in the swing of things

Dear Readers,

So I am sitting at my microdesk and writing this attempting to get back in the rhythm of work.  I have to admit its hard after two weeks off and not doing much.  I am back to being sleep deprived,  slightly loopy due to the amount of florescent lighting at my job leeching all my B vitamins from me and the sneaking suspicion that my computer is possibly taking microbites of my soul with each hour I sit typing at it.

I have to say I am proud to have done my “adult” tasks like paying my health insurance bill – ouch- $326 – no longer in my pocket and emailing my doctor to see if I can get around the whole paying to get more paperwork for the Peace Corps -which didn’t work out I still HAVE to go pay the medical secretaries to access my own medical information. Sigh.

I am still in shock over this blog award too.  I totally didn’t expect it and now it feels like I have had the bar raised on my writing.  Yikes!  I never win anything! Wallahi – I could be the girl with 99 of the 100 given out tickets to a raffle and still not win.  So you could knock me over with a feather at this point over the blog award.

I also finally got my phone upgraded – it was a jihad.. seriously it took four hours maybe more..the rep was a straight warrior princess though…now I have my new mytouch4G.. and I am learning to use it as.. I had a Blackberry before but without a data plan – so now.. its a whole new world as Al a Din would tell Jasmine.

Hmm I wonder if there is an Droid WordPress app?

On a total random tangent – I would love to get more feedback on my posts – anything people want to hear my perspective on? or are curious to get a voice talking about?

Feel free to leave me a comment, Formspring me or a leave a mention or DM on my twitter – which I am on all day.


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