X marks the spot

With the New Year now in on the Gregorian calendar I finally got around to finishing my Treasure Map.  A treasure map can lead you to treasure in the traditional pirate sense – Arr! And although I like pirates – I actually prefer ninjas.  In this case it a way to help give a visual representation for goals for the New Year.

If you would like to try this for realizing a goal or multiple goals feel free to follow the general instructions which are as follows.

Step One: Journaling about the past year

Write two paragraphs – one about what went well in the past year and then the other about what didn’t go well on each of the following areas – Family, Money, Health, Faith, Work, & Love – you can choose others if you desire.

Step Two: Journal about the upcoming year in the exact same way.

Step Three: Cut up magazines with images that represent this years goals and cut out phrases that also represent or evoking the goal.

Step Four: Paste on to a board and make a collage!

Step Five: Post in a place you can see it every day to help remind you of your goals!


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