The sweetest halal sin.

Ok. Its not a sin. IT is HALAL. Boy does it taste like sin. Beef Bacon ahem.. breakfast strips.  I think I just died.  If so please someone pray for my soul and pay sadaq and zakat on my behalf.  I had purchased two packages of this amobrosia – about a week ago and it was only last night after eating homemade blueberry pancakes – made by my mom.. YUM.

I was like.. I need some meat.  What better mean then a halal product that tastes almost pork like?!

For you dear readers out there – who have no idea what the fuss is about – its ok.  Be VERY happy.

For my convert readers who are like.. UMM.. Pork.. in a funny rendition of Homer Simpson.  Feel free to rejoice with me at this beautiful moment.

Hoory for Halal alternatives to the Haraam!

Look at it.. it even looks like the real thing.. and it tastes just as good too.  Although I have yet to perfect the crispiness I desire.  And it does shrink as it cooks like regular bacon – less salty than the real stuff too.

Ah well.  Practice makes perfect.



2 thoughts on “The sweetest halal sin.

  1. Beef bacon!? How’s the cholesterol? My mother would be so happy either way, as she wouldn’t eat pork out of religious conviction-but she LOVED it, and maybe once a year, she’d make pork chops for a special occasion.

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