I never enjoy rude fans..

So this is my belated post on the win by Spain in the World Cup 2010 against the Netherlands.  So first things first.. I met up with my friends at Civic Center just as the whistle for the beginning of the game began.  It was packed and it looked like a sea of Orange.  I guess the Oranges – didn’t get Paul the Octopus’s message.

Anyways – it was like suddenly San Francisco was taken over by people supporting the Netherlands.  Did I miss the memo? Or the sudden immigration of the entire population of the Netherlands emigrating to the US? Specifically SF?  Babies with penal code orange strollers, drag queens in penal code orange – a crime against humanity and fashion to be sure!

So we finally found a spot to put ourselves amid the Oranges – only to get people being rude because we were cheering for Espana.  I am all for a wise crack or two.. but people yelling – shut up and other obscenities – was over the top.  I had attended other world cup games at Civic Center – hosted by SF Parks.. what was different about this game was that they had a beer garden.

Alcohol + fans = stupid people.  Not to mention people smoking – pot or tobacco – doesn’t matter – I find both disgusting although the pot smell makes me want to puke.

Bright side – Spain won.  Dark side.. I had to face the tight pant brigade.  Check it out Below-

Guess what team they are for?

Well.. Alhumdualillah Spain won – well I was happy till I heard about Spain moving to ban the Niqab.

Major Downgrade


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