Sick as a dog….

So the day before yesterday is when I got what seemed like a scratchy throat that would go away with drinking a lot of water. Instead it turned into a full blown version of the plague that my mom and Judith have had now for more than a week.

As I do feel kind of generally pitiful about being sick, my mom still being sick to has really been great making me tea and making sure I take my medicine at the right time – which has been nice to be babied a little.

With the help of my friends I got a great referral to Dr M. Doc M basically said to me- anything you need I will make sure it happens. Which was a great relief after all I had been through with Dr T.

So I was able explain about the paperwork last Friday leave what she needed then rush to get ANOTHER TB test because of the test having to be done in the last 6 months- the one I had in the fall had lapsed and then finally got to the lab in the hospital because the lab in the Fabiola building had closed early.

Alhumdualillah so now I have a nice doc and the paperwork finally got dropped off on Monday. So now we wait again.


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