A greener way to say Hi!, Thinking of You or Thank you!

So I have a small.. ahem.. obsession with beautiful paper products.  Nothing like a Super Sticky Post It Note or a beautiful thank you card.

I have also noticed that with the invention and use of email the “old fashioned” skill of writing a letter has gone out of style.  So in an effort to bring some style to email communication e-cards have emerged.

As much I love beautiful paper products I don’t always have the time or the space to store them – so one less thing to keep in the house.  It’s also inconvenient when you forget, then you remember that you need to send a card or thank you note and this usually happens when your not at home at least it does for me.  Then there is the issue of finding a stamp to actually post the note, card or letter with once you actually write the letter or thank you card.

So .. I am so happy to have stumbled across ecards.. there are a couple different sites I would recommend for various reasons.

Evite is great because its FREE for the majority of its services – online invitations is what this website is known for best but it also has greeting cards.

Hallmark is nice because it offers a good selection of free e-cards for a many different occasions everything from a birth announcement to a thank you card.  Hallmark also has the best deal when it comes to paying for e-cards – one year unlimited e-card for $9.99.  Now that’s a deal given most paper cards start at $3 in stores and go up from there.

Paperless Post offers comparable services but at step up design wise.  Paperless post offers an individual 25 free cards when they sign up and 10 custom coins – which allows you to further customize your paperless post.  This is my current favorite of the bunch although I don’t like the fact I will have to pay soon to keep sending the beautiful cards and invitations even if the cost is minimal $5 for 20 cards and $4 for 20 customization coins.  I am also not a big fan of the new expiration date stamp and coin policy – it gives you a year to use what you purchase.

But in the end what you a paying for is convenience and less clutter around the house.  If your like me and can’t quite give up paper post check the following stores out-

Silver Envelope – this is an Islamic Stationary Store!!

Twig and Fig

Crane & CO.


Tiny Prints


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