Ground Zero Masjid

I have to say.. I am getting sick of the right-wing individuals acting like Ground Zero is the site of deaths of only Christians and Jews.  Oh mirror mirror on the wall who is the most self-righteous and ignorant of them all?  The fact is Muslims, Sikh’s and all other religious individuals died in the Twin Towers.

It makes me extremely angry to have the political right act like they are the only ones who were attacked that day.  On 9/11   all Muslim’s in America were attacked –  we were put on notice that when others are oppressed – everyone is.

The rest of America was shaken out of its slumber to the reality that American government, corporations and consumers have led to this conclusion. American’s need to take responsibility for our government and companies that represent us.  So when a conflict diamond is mined and ends up on some young woman’s finger as a sign of eternal love – it’s because we wanted that item – and we aren’t aware or really caring how we got it, what regional conflicts we aggravate, who it killed, maimed or oppressed – just that we got our new item – same goes with that new iPhone 4 and iPad.

When I say we – I am including myself and ALL American Muslims – we too are accountable for the situation of the other humans on the planet as the Qur’an tells us we are but the Khalifa (stewards) of this world.

But back to what this is really about – hate, xenophobia, othering, and elitism.  Yeah I said it.  It seems to me that the right has this idea that we should erase the line between in this case – church and state.  Oh what a folly that would be.  Our found fathers – as flawed as they might be – elitist as they were- got one thing right – that the Constitution provides the freedom of religion – in addition to the pursuit of happiness.   If the legal bodies of this nation interfere with this Islamic center – which isn’t even located AT ground zero.  Its indeed a dark day.

I personally believe in upholding the framer’s intent – when it comes to the Constitution of the United States of America because to many times have the actual words been twisted and perverted to oppress and harm different ethnic and religious groups.

You want to prove this is a wonderful nation.. a nation of equality, understanding and justice.  Help the masjid be built – learn about Islam and wake up that to the reality that the vilification of Islam in America can indeed create what those right-wing neo con’s fear – an enemy within our borders.  So far that enemy within is the ignorance of the neo con right and the hatred they spew. So lets stop them by upholding the good ol American values of freedom of religion!


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