Alhumdualillah my husband has arrived!

So after MANY trials and tribulations my husband arrived at SFO (San Francisco International Airport) on July 27th 2015 from Morocco via Frankfurt, Germany.

I kept it pretty hush hush just because I have been through so many ups and downs emotionally since I left Morocco to give birth that if I was disappointed yet again… I didn’t want to make a big scene of the fall out.

It was my husband’s first time flying on the flight between Casablanca, Morocco to Frankfurt, Germany.  Apparently it was a bumpy ride but had excellent service as it was a Lufthansa flight.  He met many Moroccans who have immigrated to the US on the flight and they assisted him to his gate for the second leg of the journey to the US. He then had a six hour layover in Frankfurt before his flight to SFO.

These flights were my husband’s first time flying!  He was so brave willing to travel alone far from his home to join us here in the USA.  He made it to San Francisco International Airport and went through Customs and Immigration without any problems.  Alhumdualillah.

I was in an suspended level of shock once I knew he had boarded his first flight in Casablanca because it had been such a difficult journey that .. I just could not believe that my husband was making his way to me.

I kept track of his progress via a flight tracker app and having my husband use the free WiFi at the Frankfurt Airport to use WhatsApp to message me that he got to the right gate for his next flight to the US from his flight from Casablanca.

My whole family was so excited that Omar was on his way (once I let the cat out of the bag)

It was tough to find a flight with an airport that did not require a transit visa for my husband because he was traveling on a Moroccan passport.  So I ultimate went with CMN – Frankfurt – SFO.  It was also important to me that my husband land and go through immigration at the same airport I would pick him up from in case there were any issues with customs.

Alhumdualillah there were no issues with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at my husbands point of entry.

On August 24th, my hubby’s social security card arrived in the mail after we went to apply for it at our local social security office.

On September 5th, my husband’s green card arrived in the mail and he got a 10 year green card because we had been married more than two years upon his entry into the US.

Now my husband is currently taking English as a Second Language (ESL) class at the local adult school for free.  We looked into him taking classes at the local community college but they wanted to charge him international student fee’s over $5,000 just for an ESL class because he doesn’t have California residency.

He has also been actively looking for work but its difficult with the economy being what it is.

So inshaAllah soon he will have steady work and he is slowly settling in.

Alhumdualillah we are reunited and being able to start our life as a family.


2 thoughts on “Alhumdualillah my husband has arrived!

  1. I am so so happy for your family!!! I remember all of those feelings you described when my husband finally arrived. I also wanted to make sure he landed at the airport I was going to be able to pick him up.

    We planned a wedding for here in the US shortly after his arrival. The photographer I hired wanted to come with me to the airport to photograph our reunion. Here is a link to the beautiful video she made for us.

    I hope for many more joyful moments ahead for your family!!!

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