NVC mail arrives after two months and a water bath.

NVC address change letter - wet


So this piece of National Visa Center FINALLY arrived at our mail box here in Taza, Morocco.  It was printed June 24th but it took until August 27th to arrive here – thank you Morocco during Ramadan!  When I went to open the letter it was clear it had suffered a bath in water for some time before being dried out and sent on its way.

Surprisingly I was still able to read the letter even after the bath it had been through.  I guess we have to be thankful for small favors of inkjet printers as the envelope did no good at protecting its contents from the water bath it got.

This piece of mail was just notifying us they got our change of address.

Thanks for the mail NVC.. lets hope the next piece we get is an email with a case complete and interview date!

The quest continues… day 50 of the 60 day wait – still no review of checklist corrections we sent in and arrived July 3rd – scan date July 8th.


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