Day 49 of our 60 day wait for NVC – National Visa Center

So I have got more and more anxious about this wait for the National Visa Center to review our corrections from the check list that was received by July 3rd by them and scanned into their system July 8th.

As of Monday – Day 48 – when my mom called on my husband’s behalf – they still had not reviewed the corrections to the checklist.

Today is day 49 and I have called NVC twice – once speaking with the average NVC call agent and the second attempting to speak to a supervisor which I was never transferred to.  They have still not reviewed our corrections we made based on the last checklist they sent in June.

Both agents – stated they haven’t gotten the expedite email that I sent Friday 22nd of August 2014 and that my paperwork hasn’t even been reviewed.  I requested an expedite for my husband’s case based on financial hardship and compassion grounds due to my pregnancy.

I find this highly suspect as I know that other people with the same scan date or even earlier have gotten checklists or case completes.  I even know of a Moroccan wife of an US Citizen who just got her case complete and interview date last Friday and she has the same scan date as the paperwork for my husband.

The organization of how cases are work flows is in my opinion completely inefficient – first it should be sorted by region and then handed over to the regional team for AOS Packets, Checklists, IV Packets,etc.  All emails would be sent on Friday on no other day would emails be sent out.

I would also include real-time tracking of each packet of paperwork that arrives on the NVC website – with real-time tracking of number of total cases per region and case work rates so that people knew what the average was such as for the turn around on a checklist for a AOS item from the South Asian region.

We have no magical change after five months plus at the National Visa Center for our AOS fee payment status to go from PAID to N/A indicating a case complete.  We can’t have that potentially happen until someone at NVC finally looks at our dang paperwork!

I am so fed up with the lack of transparency with the US immigration process and lack of avenues to hold agencies like USCIS and the National Visa Center accountable to the people they serve.

When I asked, ” What are the follow up steps if NVC does not review my case by the end of the 60 day wait period?”  There is no official no answer for this question. I was just told to wait more.  Either NVC is too arrogant or stupid to believe that a class action suit could be headed its way for the lack of preparation for the increased influx cases from USCIS or they think we the US Citizens and Green Card Holders are too lazy to take action.

Personally when this is all over I will be looking into legal options to hold these agencies accountable to the public.

I think this amounts to a type of torture.  The US immigration process has families spending more time ripped apart attempting to support relationships over long distances, constantly in a state of uncertainty and anxiety than it unifies couples and families.

What should be even more insulting is that the immigration process for what would be a CR1 visa for an individual married to a citizen of a European Union country – doesn’t take half as long as the US immigration process does.



10 thoughts on “Day 49 of our 60 day wait for NVC – National Visa Center

  1. you are right on everything im waiting now and there final answer was that birth certificate is not accurate and its 100% accurate from Lebanese government and the mayor and all but they keep giving me checklists

    1. The solution to your issue Vino is to speak with the supervisor when you call. You sent in translations with your birth certificate correct? So now instead of talking to the regular representative – ask to speak to a supervisor and explain the birth certificate IS correct and true as is the translation. Make sure to ask the supervisor – exactly what is inaccurate about the birth certificate.

      InshaAllah that helps.

  2. it honestly feels like this thing is never going to happen I started my petition in may 20 of 2013 and uscis kept my case for a year then now its been at nvc for almost 6 months and still going this is not right they have no feelings for us people suffering with out our familys

  3. I filed I-130 for spouse on GC, it’s now 4 yrs of my marriage. recently I am into same 60 day time with 50 days already have passed. I am very pissed off with NVC and USCIS. any advise would be appreciated.

    1. mahmed,
      I was very angry and frustrated with the USCIS/NVC centers as well. Its so hard to just sit and wait with no idea if you will be getting a case complete or yet another checklist. I personally took up meditation and yoga. I also enjoyed punching pillows when I would get really frustrated. Sometimes I would just melt down and cry.

      Just work on having healthy ways to deal with the frustration and stress.

  4. I’m in day 34 .. dying slowly everyday for a response. I called last night and they said the same… your paperwork has not been reviewed yet and the same statement of the 60 days waiting period. It is a torture … I share your feeling… it feels like I am waiting for something that is never gonna happen. It is painful and discouraging. We can only wait and pray even harder that our case falls in somebody’s hand that will understand our sorrow. I hope you hear something soon, if you haven’t by now !

    1. Yes I have finally heard back that I got a checklist after waiting over 70 days for a response from NVC. So frustrating and ironically they told me this and sent the email just a days after the expedite request was approved and my husband’s case was sent out to the Casablanca consulate.

      1. Hello, first time here 😶.. i was wondering if you could please share what the reason for your expedite was? Also filling for my husband from Morocco. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you sister Aisha for the info you provided in this article. Actually I have found here detailed info than the NVC website provides. I will go through the same process soon. Tomorrow my wife will pay the fees inshallah. And I hope we will not suffer as happened with you. Would be a pleasure to provide us with more info and pieces of advice if possible. Thanks in advance.

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