Pregnancy Journal – Third Month

5 weeks pregnant - no bump in sight!
5 weeks pregnant – no bump in sight!

Emotionally I feel – Less hormonal but I still get irritated quickly.
Physically I feel – Mostly comfortable.  The two biggest discomforts are from TMJ and round ligament pain of the uterus growing outside of the pelvic girdle.  I also find it hard to find a comfortable sleep position.
My thoughts about baby-  I am curious to see baby again via ultra sound.  I also am getting more excited about the possible gender of the baby.  I am surprised so many women find out before 20 weeks the gender of their baby.
My dreams about baby- My most recent dream about baby was that I gave birth to a girl.
What I imagine baby looks like – I am hoping baby is a nice mix between my husband and I.  I would be thrilled if baby got my husband’s beautiful eye color.
My top concerns- Getting back to a normal sleep schedule after Ramadan, getting enough walking in, eating enough protein and having my husband’s visa process done before baby arrives!  I am also trying to find more prenatal DHA since I just ran out here but not sure where to look for it.
My best joys- Seeing my little “bump,” progress and how much my husband is working hard to care for myself and baby.  I will be thrilled when we get to week 14  – the official second trimester!  I am also looking forward to our next prenatal visit – and hope we get to see the baby and hear the heart beat again on the ultrasound.

Finally getting rounder more bump like than I was before!
Finally getting rounder more bump like than I was before!

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