NVC sends out mass email – *NEW* 60 day waiting period

Last night around midnight here in Morocco I checked my email and noticed a new email from the National Visa Center.

My husband and I got extremely excited – hoping that on day 22 of our 30 day business day wait – we would be getting the good news of getting a case complete and my husband’s interview date for the consulate in Casablanca.

Instead we got the disappointing letter stating the following, “Dear Sir/Madam,

The National Visa Center (NVC) received your documents on 08-JUL-14.

We are currently receiving an increased number of approved petitions from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a result, we are experiencing increased review times for documents received.

We expect it will be at least 60 days from the date we received your mail before we complete the review of your documents. We will notify you when we review your documents.

We are working to reduce these processing times and we appreciate your patience.

So AT LEAST 60 DAYS – we now have to wait in additional 38 maybe more days in addition to the 22 days we have already waited for  – God willing – our case complete and interview date.

This is all because USCIS – has now reached its 5 month processing goal and NO ONE WITH BRAINS thought to hire more people at the National Visa Center to handle the increased work load coming down the pipeline to them.  Given that USCIS and NVC are both self funding  – meaning they make money from the visa process and can support themselves when the government shuts down due to budget crisis BS – they could afford to hire more worker to face the increased workload.

Either way – the new 60 day wait period sucks.

Our wait goes from August 18th of when we should hear back based on the 30 business day wait period – to hearing from the National Visa Center by September 30th – maybe.

That officially puts our CR-1 visa process at over a year of time, effort and energy invested – hoping that I will be able to bring my husband home to the US already.

By the time we hear from the National Visa Center I will be 21 weeks pregnant which is my last week of my fifth month of pregnancy.

However the National Visa Center doesn’t care it keeps spouse and families apart for over a year or more – no apologies, no ways to expedite the process are offered and they certainly are not offering to pick up the airfare tab for those traveling back and forth to see either spouse or family during this process.  They don’t care if my husband doesn’t see the birth of our first child.

Just a big blank wall of bureaucracy.

I am so frustrated and disappointed by my government right now. It shouldn’t be so difficult to bring the one your married to back to your home country.

Send positive thoughts, prayers and love our way – we need all we can get so we can get through this process and get home to the USA from Morocco.

*Update 8/5/2014*  My mom very generously called NVC for us and asked them to clarify if it was business days or regular days we should count?  NVC said just count 60 days from the document scan in date.  She also asked if they had looked at our paperwork and they said no.


19 thoughts on “NVC sends out mass email – *NEW* 60 day waiting period

    1. I am sorry to hear your in the same boat. Hold tight to hope. We can and will get our case completes and interview dates for in my case my husband and your loved one!

  1. I sent my I-130 on sep2012, and received the same letter on 01/08/14. You are not the only one who is crying my friend. No one care anymore.. God bless.

    1. It tough. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am in a couple visa groups on Facebook and each week there are case completes with interview dates being emailed out. I try to keep the faith we are next for that email!

      1. Ohh! I am in same situation…they just recieved my checklist response Aug 25…hoping it doesnt really take 60 days…miss my husband, we had our first baby in July…anxious for him to get here!

        May I ask what couoles grouo in FB? I am just discouraged about these processing times.

  2. Same here sister I haven’t seen my wife since December and I’ve been going back and forth with NVC all this time and now we have to wait another 60 days. Just be strong and keep your faith high God Willing good news will come soon.

    1. InshaAllah you will see your wife soon! I try to have a patience with the process its harder now with our first baby on the way. InshaAllah Khier my husband will have a Case Complete, Interview and Visa in hand before this baby decides to make an appearance.

  3. We have same problem too.its more than a year since we applied. How come US most advanced country in the earth? Y we are paying 30% of total income as tax?? Where is the benefits? ??? 60 days to do paperwork? Cant even think… biggest disappointment I ever got. Theym are heartless and family dont mean anything for them but for us our family and lover one is our world we live for them and we die for them…..I m speechless

  4. I totally agree with you. I’m also waiting from 13 months without my husband. 😦 me n my husband are going crazy without each other. I’m getting depress n stress out cux of their waiting time. 😦 I feel horrible day n night. I can’t sleep good anymore. I miss my husband. And nvc don’t care they made it very hard for us. 😦

  5. Same here……:((( pd 12th August 14, waiting for the case to complete at nvc , submitted all required documents 8th April.15 Please keep us in your prayers and how much more time will they take to review documents ….Plz suggest😰😰

  6. Im in the same boat ! 😥 Im really tired of this proccesing thing. Started petition 17/2/2015 approved 8/7/2016 sent documents septmber but replied that they are not complete so last sent was oct 24/10/2016. They said to wait 6weeks well it has been 6weeks with no reply. Me and my husband have been apart for about 2years on( jan 21 2017) that is getting us crazy that we cant do nothing about it. Whats getting me more sad deppresed and crazy is that my baby girl dose not know her own daddy she 19months old and i hope he will be here on her 2nd birthday .. INSHAALLAH . Im sorry for all of you that have been waiting and i hope all of you met with your loved ones and spending the life with each other 💜

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