Pregnancy Journal – Second Month

How I feel – I feel feel better than the first month.  Nausea has gone away for the most part.

My thoughts about baby – When I get my weekly update from the Baby Center app – I am always amazed at how a couple of cells could come together and start to form a person inside me!  I am wondering will the baby take after Omar more or me?  I am also wondering if we will have a big baby for me to push out!

What I am eating –  My friend is rice right now.  It keeps the stomach calm.  I also am eating at least 3 cups of yogurt a day!

Most stomach friendly foods- It isn’t a food but seltzer water is my saving grace during weeks 5-8 – it helps me burp to relieve the nausea which is caused by to much gas in my stomach.

My food cravings- Beef and almonds – PROTEIN is the word.  I literally bought a pound of ground beef – cooked it and then sat down to eat 3 burgers.

My food aversions – Watermelon – I  ate a full meal then was offered watermelon for dessert took a couple of bites and then was running for the bathroom to puke, Onions  – cooking or cutting them is a no go & the smell of cooking fried eggs

My top concerns-  I freaked out and was concerned around week 6-7 that I was having a miscarriage because I had a lot of brown blood with cervical mucus pass over a 12 hour period.  Alhumdualillah it wasn’t a miscarriage but it continues to be my main concern as many of the groups I am in have women who have had early and late term losses.
My best joys-  My husband who was protective before I was pregnant is now going out of his way to pamper me and make sure I stay as stress free as possible. He is also already talking to my stomach when ever he comes home from work and already says that I am showing – although I think I just look fatter not pregnant at this point.


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