Pregnancy Journal – First Month

* Belated Post as I am now in my 11 week of pregnancy as of the posting of this*

First hints I might be pregnant –  We planned this baby – so I was looking for the signs of pregnancy early on.  My first signs were gas/burping – starting cycle day 18.  Hot and cold flashes with constant diarrhea starting around cycle day 21.  Nausea started cycle day 32.  I had implantation bleeding cycle day 19.

My first thoughts- Oh my God and what I am I going to do with a baby?! (Regardless of the fact I have wanted to have kids since I was seven years old!)

Memories of conception-  It was pleasurable and loving.

My last menstrual period – May 1st 2014 was the first day of my LMP
Most likely date of conception – May 15th
Date of positive pregnancy test – I tested on May 28 & 29th – and I got extremely faint positives.  I waited another 4 days – tested again and got our dark positive.

pregnancy test progression
Likely due date – Feb 5th 2015
My reactions – I am happy, anxious and scared.
Husband’s/ Baba to Be reactions-Omar is over the moon.  He is such a proud peacock.  I think it he feels an affirmation of his manhood with the pregnancy.  He also wants to tell everyone right away!
Other’s reactions-  Omar and I agreed only to tell both sets of the grand parents to be at this time – until either we can’t wait any longer, we hit the 12 week mark or we get an ultrasound and baby has a heart beat.

My top concerns-  Medical care in Morocco as it doesn’t inspire confidence and Miscarriage.

My best joys-   Feeling affirmed as a woman because I can fulfill my basic biological purpose.

Lifestyle changes, habits to break –  I am working out more consistently and keeping that up.  Eating healthy and focusing on maintaining a healthy diet in the face of the nausea and general lack of appetite.


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