Our first fake checklist from the National Visa Center

On June 5th I got an email from NVC that sent me into a tizzy.  It was a check list but the page that usually asks for the petitioner or beneficiary to take action on something was in a language I couldn’t read.  I at first thought it was in Russian.  However after posting it to the Visa Journey Facebook group – a wonderful member recognized it as Greek.

Who sends a check list out with an action item in a language that the petitioner cant freaking read?!  My group member – realized that the action items were in English but using the Greek alphabet – which made it difficult for her to translate but she managed it!  SO a big shout out to her for taking the time to translate the email from Greek to English!

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 9.50.55 PM

The Greek translates to,”The NVC has received the requested DS – 260, online immigrant application. However we are still waiting for the petitioner to the response to the checklist letter for the Affidavit of support. Please return the requested information so that we may complete your case.”

So how do I know this is a fake check list – because we already sent in the requested stuff and it arrived at NVC on May 19th.

So NVC needs to update their system to cases, paperwork and submission are tracked real time – so fake check lists become a thing of the past.  The technology exists – I pray they cough up the money to actually install and use one!

So – if you get a weird email or letter from the National Visa Center – yes it could be a fake check list and no your not crazy!



2 thoughts on “Our first fake checklist from the National Visa Center

  1. I know this was a while ago but I just received the same thing. A missing DS 260 when the comfirmation was sent. How did it turn out? Did they say “oh thats an error dont worry” or did they say that its your bad luck and you have to redo it and wait another month?

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