The never ending visa saga!

Seriously though.. this feels like some epic quest to get through the visa process for my husband.  You thought Starwars was bad because its always coming out with an new “episode,” – really they just need to say sequel already right.. nope the visa process has them beat hands down.

Episode I – USCIS

Episode II – National Visa Center (NVC)

Episode III – US Consulate in Casablanca, Morocco or insert what ever consulate your going to have to go through

Episode IIII – Journey to Citizenship

Episode V – Post Citizenship

Right now we are in Episode II – working towards getting all my husband’s supporting documents translated and then sent to the NVC.  I pick up the documents tomorrow and will have them in the mail by the next day – InshaAllah.

Sorry I am not more happy go luck about this whole process but its a test of endurance and patience.  I think more so for me because I am still in Morocco – now this upcoming September 2014 – 3 years in Morocco except for one month in December 2013 – pretty impressive huh?

I am SO ready to get home to America already!  I am so ready for the crazy American pace of the daily grind or just some type of work outside the house.

I am preparing mentally for the move and making lists of sell, throw out, ship or fly with.   Neighbors keep asking me when we will be traveling back to America – like the visa process ever gives you a firm date with anything except when it comes to your visa interview at the consulate.

My whole family is ready for us to get home.


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