Our first NVC Checklist

Hello again!

We got our first check list from NVC on May 8th 2014.  I expected to get one – at least one – I mean if someone doesn’t get one I would be VERY surprised.

Our check list all related to corrections to my I 864 and my mom who is my sponsor – I 864 A.

At this same time I had finally completed getting together all of my husband’s supporting documents for his DS -260 and then I express mailed them to the NVC using Amana Chronopost- on May 5th – pricey at close to 500DH each time I have sent documents with the service.  This time I freaked out even more when I checked the Chronopost website and it said it delivered to Boston and not Portsmouth, NH!

The next time I went back to the website – it was down and no sign of it existing or saying “Hey we are doing website maintenance.”  I had taken a screen shot of the website showing that Chronopost had sent packet of documents to Boston and not Portsmouth, NH.

That morning after not sleeping all night due to allergies to cats I was fostering – to the post office I sent the packet of documents from and asked the staff if they could find out where my packet was – the answers enraged me –  “Oh its not our service,” “I have no idea,” “Did you write the address clearly?”

Oh lord.  Those individuals have no idea how glad they should be that I didn’t just go crazy on them.  Hello.  I paid my money to you.  You put my documents in the Amana Chronopost pouch – you send this pouch to Casablanca.  But you have no responsibility once the pouch leaves Morocco?!

That would never fly at any logistics company like DHL or UPS.

My mom requested that I send copies of my I 864 – although I had sent them before to her just in case she got another checklist with regards to the I 864.

That got a second round of crazy at the post office that I needed to deal with – I arrive on Friday to send out the documents my mom wanted and what happens?  The system is down.  Ok.  So I take my documents and leave.

I come back the next week on Monday May 12th and the lady I was working with wasn’t at work.  I took a number and thought this shouldn’t take to long.  Except no one enforces the number system – people walk in and cut the line and get served before those waiting 10 -20 minutes for their turn with their number.  People who work for the post office simply sit in offices in the back and do nothing except drink coffee – while this one woman worked alone.

This time I did lose it.  I started organizing people based on their numbers and telling people who walked in and wanted to be served to get a number and wait their turn.  I also ranted and told everyone in the post office that the reason that Morocco has the issue it has – starts right here with people not being willing to respect a simple number waiting system in the post office.  If you can’t follow basic rules – all that is left is chaos.

I think I shocked people.  I had enough of the horrible service being excused as “its the Moroccan way,” ” We can’t do anything about it.”  Yes you can and it starts with taking a number and waiting your damn turn in the post office.

Once I got to my turn – the woman working decided she had to be nosey and look at the documents inside the pouch – no matter her coworker on Friday had already done so.  I almost jumped the counter and hurt her.  My mental conversation was – Really?  Your just a nosey old bitty with an stink eye thrown in.

Finally my package was paid for and all the paperwork done and I could get the heck out of Dodge and head back to my house.  The packet I sent my mom arrived May 16th – so much for the two day delivery promise

Sigh… so here is hoping I don’t need to send anything with Chronopost again or I am going to the main post office and skipping the one nearer to my house.

My mom sent in the corrections to the NVC May 17th and those arrived on May 19th.

So now more waiting.. I think we should get an answer by June 19th, 2014 on either more corrections or moving on to the Consulate.


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