Homemade Sriracha sauce

Yes dear reader I have finally ventured into making my own hot sauce because I ran out of the tiny bottle I discovered of sriracha I found in Rabat.

My husband likes hot sauce and when he discovered the bottle of sriracha in the fridge – it quickly disappeared as he applies hot sauce to things I personally think -don’t need hot sauce.  Rice? Hot sauce says my husband’s brain for some reason!

So after looking on the last two trips to bigger cities in Morocco for Sriracha and not finding any – I was glad when I found this article – from the New York Daily News on how to make your own sriracha sauce.P1040667


So in Morocco we do have Thai chilis – cha ching and garlic – thank goodness because I love garlic!  So I got out my blender and my lovely kitchen shears.  I didn’t deseed any of the chilis as they are tiny and I like spicy -hot.


So I cut the chili into small pieces and directly into my blender to reduce the chance of my hands getting hot chili oil on them and accidently rubbing my eye or something like that.  Yes.  I am accident prone like that.P1040670

Then I got out my garlic and I used probably 10 cloves – I know your thinking why so much – but why not?! – when your a garlic lover like me.P1040671

I used my garlic press – to make the work go faster.P1040672Then add 2 cups give or take of olive oil – some salt but no sugar and blend till smooth.  I skipped the fish sauce – as I hate fish sauce and the sugar because I didn’t remember to add it!  But the final product – while it isn’t the stuff I bought – is close enough to make me happy.

I think next time I might try roasting the garlic and chilis before blending and see how that changes the flavors.