Once PC Service ends… what then?

This is the question that has been in the back of my mind for the last month and a half.  The what now?  when I am still in Morocco after 95% of my stajj flies away to Europe for travels or heads home.

I have been trying to figure out what my new long term goals are since I have achieved everything I set out to do that I planned for in high school.  My goals weren’t life changing or going to win me a nobel prize but I am happy and proud to say I achieved every single one.

I bet you are wondering – what were her goals?

They were the following –

1. Graduate from high school.

Yes at one time in my life that didn’t seem like it was going to happen.  Seriously my mother was wondering where her sweet daughter went and where this crazy insomniac teenager arrived from overnight.

2. Graduate from college/university in a degree that I loved.

Yes.  I heard all those horror stories about people going into a field they hate to make money and I decided I wasn’t going to be one of them.  EVER.

3. Serve with Peace Corps

I heard about Peace Corps and once I did – I was very excited because it was a way to live in a foreign country, help people help themselves etc.  Yes I bought the advertising – Peace Corps does a great job at it but service itself is way different then the ads that look like –

Peace Corps advertising

My personal relationship goal was to find a spouse. Which I did amazingly after searching high and low in the US – all the way in Morocco after I decided that I really wasn’t interested and would focus on my Peace Corps service.  My mom was right once you really stop looking – that person appears in your life.

So now what?

The economy is still in the tank with the government and media trying to convince my fellow Americans, the world and myself  that its not because they are replacing full time jobs with part time ones while attempting to gut the Affordable Care Act while not being able to pass a budget.  Yeah America’s got issues.

My current goals go something like this (in no specific order) –

Prepare Grad School Applications for 2014

Update my Linked In & Resume

Get a job and pay the bills

Get into a Grad School program that I like

Graduate from grad school debit free or as close to it as possible

Start a family with my husband

Purchase a house

Purchase a car for my husband

Other ideas of things to do between now and returning to the USA –

Cook/Bake/Prepare every recipe in the Peace Corps Morocco Cookbook and blog about each recipe.

Purchase a sewing machine and with the sewing machine – make quilts and baby clothing to sell.

Well in a recent update – my husband and I decided to buy a used sewing machine from the local souq and it might be a lemon – it needs some repairs and TLC to get it back to working order.

I also broke down and got TV and Satellite receiver to make myself happier in the house and make my husband even happier.  There isn’t much to do where I live in Taza outside the house for women – so this is something else for me do when I am in the house besides read books, cook and clean.

I am specifically really happy about two channels – Al Jazeera America and Huda TV.

My husband of course is happy because there are now over 500 Arabic channels – which he only had access to when he visited his parent’s house.

I only download TV shows and movies in English – because I wanted his English to improve which it has by leaps and bounds because of immersion in our house in English only.

I am still wondering how to improve his writing and spelling skills in English but I don’t have to do everything right now I am sure I can find a local ESL class once we return state side for him to attend.

There are many things we can plan for however one thing that keeps me in good spirits is the following quote.

“Allah is the best of planners,” from the Qur’an (8:30)

So I will do my best to map out my future once again and simply know that I am not the best of planners and put my trust in Allah (swt) once again.


One thought on “Once PC Service ends… what then?

  1. hey sista! have been following your blog for a while, found you first on sf bay yelp 🙂 now in maroc too… can you shoot me an email, would love to chat with you sometime..


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