In the Kitchen – Peanut Chicken

As a PCV in every country we get issued a cook book that is some what specific to our post.

In the PC Morocco cook book there are some major hits and misses.  This my dear readers is a HUGE hit.  Seriously awesome and not that hard to make either.

Peanut Chicken

Ingredients –

1.5 lb – 1/2 kg of chicken

1 t salt

2 egg whites

4t flour

4 oz peanuts

1/2 – 1 onion

3 red chilis

6 t oil

First things – makes sure to clean your chicken well.  I like to soak my chicken after I get it from the local chicken butcher in a mixture of salt, water and lemon juice and I usually let it soak for an hour after checking the chicken over for any left over feathers and after I do I cut it up in to the pieces I want and bag it up and throw it into the freezer.

However in this case if you don’t want to clean your chicken – feel free to just whip it out of its package and but make sure to rinse it and pat it dry for the next steps.

In one bowl place the egg whites, in a separate bowl put the flour and salt and if you want add pepper for an extra kick to the batter.

Dip your chicken in the egg whites then roll it in the flour making sure its well covered.  Repeat till all your chicken is battered.

Then on the stove heat the oil till it shimmer’s and then CAREFULLY put your chicken pieces into the oil.  I don’t have a spatter guard and I wish I did for recipes like this here in Morocco.

While the chicken cooks cut up the onion and chilis – make sure to remove the seeds if you don’t want a really hot dish.

Then add the onion and chilis to the pan with the chicken – and turn the chicken over to make sure it cooks and browns the batter evenly.

In your food processor or mortar and pestle – crush the peanuts till your happy with the consistency – if you want a paste – feel free to save time and use peanut butter instead.

I didn’t add the peanuts into the pan with the chicken, onion and chilis – instead after the chicken is done cooking – I plated it over a bed of rice – which I cooked in advance and then sprinkles the peanuts over the chicken.

Finally I made the sauce-

2T sugar

2T Vingar

3 T Flour

I also added in Saracha sauce to add a kick to the sauce.  I then drizzled this over the plate and then served the sauce on the side of the table.

This is the closest I have gotten to real Asian food here in Morocco and I am so making this again since not only did I like the meal but so did my husband!


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