In the Kitchen – Moist Lemon Chicken

My mother didn’t prepare me as her daughter to be a homemaker or a house wife – she prepared me to get out and be somebody. So I find myself in something of a rock and hard space because now that I am married and its summer in Morocco – meaning my Dar Chabab is as empty as tomb on Sunday – most of the cooking and homemaking falls to me.

Its also a challenge to cook in Morocco because everything has to be made from scratch- all the preprocessed foods are to expensive to be purchased on our budget and I don’t have any fancy gadgets in my kitchen that are so common in America to make it easy to whip something up from scratch.

So I can’t just run out to the store to grab an item I missed in the recipe -that my readers is a luxury that doesn’t exist in the developing world.

I can’t count the number of times I read in a recipe – now put X in your food processor or your bread machine or your stand mixer.

The closest thing I have to any of those – is my blender which works great for smoothies but bread dough – I think not.

So that means I whisk things together by hand because there is no way I am going to by a hand mixer or a standmixer which run between 300DH and up at this late point in my service here in Morocco.

So I was scratching my head and looking for a recipe to make for lunch this past weekend and through Pinterest – I found the blog –

And there Moist Lemon Chicken Recipe – which is divine – I saved the leftover sauce and I have been dipping bread into it randomly to snack on – its that good.

I made rice and put the chicken on a bed of rice – when I served the recipe.



I also made a cucumber and onion sweet and sour salad – I loved it – my husband hated it.

So major props to the Inspired Taste duo.  This was a success in my kitchen.




3 thoughts on “In the Kitchen – Moist Lemon Chicken

  1. So when you like it and he doesn’t what does he do? Does he go over to his mothers? I think in time maybe he will get use to your cooking, Or have him do it so you can see what he likes and how HE does it. Whhen Mike and I first married he wasn’t too keen on what I made but over time he ate what I cook or I would have him cook everyother day so we shared. I’m not how it works with you and your husband.

    1. My husband does a lot of the cooking when he isn’t working or sleeping because he is exhausted from work. If he doesn’t like something I cook then he goes in the kitchen and cooks something different for himself.

      Its trial and error. I also ask him if something is different and he has never eaten it before – to follow the one bite rule – that my mom did with me. Just because something is different or looks funny – doesn’t mean you can say you don’t like it before you try it.

  2. I tried your recipe last night and I love it! I made red beans and rice to go along with it and it tasted great! Thanks for the inspiration!
    My husband will not try anything new. He only eats pasta, chicken fingers and corn. Its so hard to cook for him. Even this dish, lemon chicken, I thought he would at least try it but nope, not even a bite. Luckily he knows how to cook and often cooks for himself so I dont need to make two meals, one for me and the kids and then one for him. 🙂

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