Preparing for my second Ramadan in Morocco

Preparing for this upcoming Ramadan is different than all my other Ramadan’s before because first I am in Morocco for my second year and second I am married now.  It will be our first Ramadan together.

My husband is a firefighter and plans on fasting Ramadan even when he works 12 hour shifts and can have very strenuous and physically demanding work.

My husband of course has his desire for how he wishes to spend Ramadan and I have mine.  Its very different now to be caring for someone else in addition to myself this Ramadan.

Usually I don’t try hard at all when it comes to suhoor or iftar because – its just me – while I am important I am not that important that I should make a 5 course meal just for myself.

However this year I feel I need to step up my game when it comes to Ramadan meals and how I spend my time during Ramadan.

I asked on a Facebook group I belong to called -Muhajiba wives of Morocco and the Maghreb – about recipes for Ramadan and one sister instead of suggesting a recipe – suggested a plan or a schedule for Ramadan called, “The Ramadan Battle Plan.”  This sealed the deal on how I am going to be spending my time during Ramadan here in Morocco this second Ramadan.

I personally highly dislike all the soap opera’s many Moroccan’s are addicted to – even my husband – May Allah help him.  I never liked soap operas in English – so it seems right to me that I dislike them dubbed Moroccan Arabic – just as much – well in all honesty more because they are just so much more dramatic than the English versions and they are imported from Mexico, Turkey and South Korea!

I don’t want to waste my time during Ramadan on soap operas and sleep.  Instead my plan is to use the Ramadan Battle Plan when I am not praying, cooking or baking.

My fridge and freezer are stuffed full.  Just yesterday I bought two chickens and then cleaned them – degutted them – soaked them in lemon juice, water and salt for about 6 hours and then had my husband put them in the freezer because there is just something about touching a chicken that you degutted – that weirds me out.  I know – but I wore gloves gutting them and I still had to try and not to gag.

I miss my American store bought Halal chicken thats wrapped up so pretty in its package that I didn’t watch get slaughtered.

I am trying to figure out recipes that my husband will like – he is something of a picky eater. He dislikes pasta, artichokes and garlic – three things I happen to love!  My husband happens to be some what crazy about cooked rice salad – which is something that’s very Moroccan.

So I have been searching all over for recipes – that I can make here that include rice with a protein and veggie.  I am also eyeing casseroles as my life saver during Ramadan.

And don’t even mention all the fights over when Ramadan is going to actually start!  Ugh the only thing people can agree on is Ramadan will actually happen.

So Happy Ramadan in advance and Allah protect me from all the drama that happens when families get together for holidays! Ameen


One thought on “Preparing for my second Ramadan in Morocco

  1. I just LOVE reading your stories. Its so neat to see how someone in another country lives. I’m happy you found someone to live your life with. As long as he treat’s you right and I’m sure he does. Your such a strong woman to be doing what you do. HAPPY Ramadan to you and your husband.

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