Skype: Changing how families stay connected

When I came to Morocco along with never thinking I would marry an Moroccan – I never thought sharing a technology with my now in-laws would revolutionize how they stay connected with their daughter in the US.

When I arrived more than two years ago- my in-laws were using MSN Chat to keep in contact with their daughter and being Moroccan they like to talk to her at least once a day if not every other day.  It was clear they felt something was missing with how they communicated with their daughter and I asked why they weren’t using Skype.

They asked me what Skype was and I explained its a free video chat service.  They were excited and surprised that such a thing would be easy and free for them to use.

So I installed Skype for them created accounts for both them and their daughter and dialed their daughter in America.

It was even more important for them I felt because their daughter had recently given birth to their first grandchild – a boy and they were missing out on seeing him develop and grow.

The minute the video was up and working – the change was immediate and so was the benefit – they were able to see and hear their new grandson – live and in color.  Smiles and thank you’s along with a lot of blessings for my parents were showered down on me.

Since then they have watched their grandson get teeth, crawl and learn to walk and talk all with the help of Skype.

While technology can have a downside- in the case of Skype for my family in Morocco its all positive.

Funny how something I would take for granted is something so powerful and changing for other individuals.


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