Day 6 – 11 Ramadan Morocco

SO I hurt my back really bad and it laid me up for a week in my house trying over come the pain.

I alhumdualilah was much helped by gentle stretching with yoga and enough IB Prophen to sink a ship.

I was able yesterday to finally be up and about without to much pain – so well I baked a White Necterine Cobbler and went to Iftar at the mother of my landlord’s house.

They were very welcoming although surprised I had baked and brought something for iftar.

I also went to souq earlier in the day but was careful to not purchase enough to make my bags heavy and difficult to carry alone with a hurt back.

I then went back to my house after iftar to reading Qur’an and rest my back.  So although  I didn’t get much done.. I was able to do something these last few days laid up.



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