Day 5 – Ramadan Morocco

The weather has suddenly cooled with yesterday’s rain storm.

I stay up all night and I am surprised when my alarm goes off at 2:30am to remind me to wake up and eat something but I am already awake.

I eat and drink although I notice my kidneys don’t seem so happy with me.  My kidney’s hurt a little bit and I take it as a sign I should follow my doctors advice and not fast without water.

So I decide I won’t fast in order to prevent creating more kidney stones or having a kidney stone attack.

After Fajr prayer I go to sleep only to be woken in pain from a kidney stone passing – I take some painkillers that PCMO gave me and fall back to sleep after drinking more water.

So much for the fifth day of fasting.  I feel depressed because my kidneys passing a stone -means I really can’t fast in the proscribed manner.  However it doesn’t mean I can’t get great things out of Ramadan!

So I am planning to really get down and dirty in the kitchen and cook up a storm since I won’t be fasting the rest of Ramadan – it would be against doctors orders to do so.  😦

I decided that this weekend will be my first weekend of attending Taraweeh in Morocco – and I love Taraweeh!

I am also going to Jummah tomorrow and I will inshaAllah get a lot of benefit from the khutbah.

I found a great post on another blog – Suckled Sunnah on other things I can do although I won’t be fasting.

I think the most important one – is that I am working on my Ramadan goal of memorizing more Qur’an and I have a great teacher in my old site mates host dad.

So there is a silver lining to everything.. Alhumdualillah


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