Day 2 : Ramadan Morocco

The second day of fasting started with me staying up until after Fajr for two reasons – one a fellow PCV had gotten semi trapped in Fez because of the train schedule change that happens during Ramadan – so he ended up arriving in my site at 3 in the morning after waiting until midnight in Fez for the connecting train – he had arrived in Fez around 3pm in the afternoon.  It was also so hot that I couldn’t sleep at my site mate’s host family’s house – even with a fan- so I stayed awake until 4:30ish when the heat started to drop outside.

When host mom came and told me it was time for suhoor – aka the last meal before you start to fast for the day.. I was confused because I heard what sounded like the athan but it turned out to be dhikr.. and then about 30 minutes later the athan sounded.   Making for a confusing and anxiety filled suhoor.

I slept until 10:30am when the heat got so intense – my sweating woke me up.  I then spent the rest of the day writing a blog post, cleaning out my email box and then returning to my house with my visitor and PCV BFF to relax in my much cooler house – reading and cat napping.

We then returned to my site mates host families house- where his host mom had prepared the same feast we had on the first day!  It was really overwhelming because my stomach has shrunk enough that I would like to eat a small bit of everything but I can’t.

My site mate also shared with his host family that he is ETing (Early Termination) of his Peace Corps service.  Apparently he had thought about it for a while.  I found out this past Friday before Ramadan and I didn’t believe him at first and was kind of bummed even though we aren’t close – its a nice security blanket feeling to know there is another PCV in my site – even if we are more acquaintances than friends.

So I wish him well and hope that he has no regrets about his service and time in Morocco.  His host family is saddened and wonder why he wants to leave – which from what he told me is he misses is girlfriend.  So I being a betting woman told him if he is so much in love with her – he should marry her and I told him that he could owe me the 10 dirhams for being right in the future. 🙂

We then took a walk to Bab b Reih – the Gate of the Winds to work off the iftar and enjoy the cooler evening air as we talked about him going home and what his plans are for the future – which include moving in with his college roommate and looking for work in Washington, D.C.

Once I returned to my house I spent much of the night drinking water and talking about the sudden rash of ET’s in our group and wondering who would be next to go.  Its starting to feel like an episode of Survivor but with the added challenge of Ramadan.

Eventually I faded off to sleep around 4 am after cooking an omelet, chugging that last liter of water and praying Fajr.


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