Snail Mail

It’s expensive especially in the era of the email.  Who in their right mind sends a letter by post now a days?  Especially internationally?  Well I do.

At 10.50 Dirhams = $1.31 its pretty pricey on a volunteer’s wages but well worth the reward when I recieve a reply and my pen pals – which are mainly family and friends get a letter all the way from Morocco.

Even on the worst day – when I take the bus or walk to the post office and find a letter in my small box with its rickety door amongst the multitudes of others on the wall – its like a hug bursts forth from the paper and I can feel and know someone somewhere else  on the globe is thinking about me.

So far out of my incoming group of volunteers I have amassed the most mail.  I will scrap book it when I return home to the states and it will be a souviner that will be invaluable.  I am also requesting those I sent letters to – to save them and return them to me if they can – so the scrapbook has a complete conversation.

I am also not ashamed to say that I was the only one who had letters waiting for before I even arrived in Morocco.  Which must have given a headache to someone at the US Embassy in Rabat or Peace Corps HQ in Rabat but my mom was determined to make sure I felt supported by sending me letters.

Off all of the letters sent – one has taken the longest to reach my grasp – the first one my mom sent over 8 months ago – it finally arrived in my post box last month!  No one would ever claim that the Moroccan Post system is reliable.

If anything its a nightmare for those who send packages as items “disappear” or are on the recieving end of the “five finger discount.”

Luckily it seems letters from America are a low priority for theives in the post system.  So my tales and random pity parties on paper make it safely home – although sometimes a bit moldy or worst for the wear.  This is why all my letters are written in pencil – it doesn’t bleed the way ink does.

I also get news most regularly through the letters from my mother – because although she has Facebook – she thankfully remains among the unaddicted.  I however can not say the same!

It means I hear more about my dog Tazah and the rest of the poodle pod – Kirby and Brooke Lynn through the letters than FB updates.

I have also found myself less and less  on FB, Twitter and other social media outlets mostly because internet access is sporadic and its SLOW – I am also finally more involved in my community in my site.

It just took a site mate COSing and seven months to have space in my Dar Chabab and be seen as valuable.

But back to the letters – they help me maintain my sanity and have a judgement free  place to share my struggles, sucesses and what it means to be a volunteer in Morocco.

I am looking forward to having a match through the World Wise School Program – I have been signed up since August 2011.  SO positive thoughts that way.

So send me a letter – I really do always right back 🙂 and I would look forward to answering any and all questions!


2 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. Hi,
    My name is Vince, I can bath nicely in 2.5 gallons from a bucket. I am from Palo Alto, CA, but have another life in Nicaragua. I am also a student and writing an article on “sustainability” and saw your picture of bucket and ladle. I concur with your “bathing” guide and would like to attribute your way. I would only add that splashing is an important aspect of rinsing, at least for me.

    1. Hi Vince,
      I dont mind you using this post or a part of the blog as long as you follow the Creative Commons guidelines – simply click on the badge and read about how you can attribute correctly within those guidelines.

      Thanks and enjoy reading the blog.

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