Photos of Taza, Morocco

My street in the Old Medina on a Rainy night the week before last – 4/1/2012

Irises have started to bloom signaling spring in the Rif Mountains.

The chickens of my adopted host family – The Sahmoudi’s enjoying “Free Range,” in the back yard.

The free water caves – still not completely mapped, beautiful although banister on the way down had me worried about safety regulations.

The rain comes quickly in the mountains – and that day so quickly the laundry was still on the line attempting to dry when a sudden downpour happened.

March also means the start of strawberry season! At first they are very expensive 6 dh for a small plastic container with maybe 10 – now they are 5DH a kilo = 2.5 pounds at souq.

The view from the Old Medina walls looking down on lower Taza.A day at souq.. the vendors arrive early from surrounding agricultural towns and sell their fruits and veggies until the customers no longer come or they no longer have produce to sell.  Its the best place to shop because of the freshness and no fixed prices meaning you can bargain them down.


2 thoughts on “Photos of Taza, Morocco

  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Greetings frim Ukraine! I LOVE reading your blog and seeing the differences in PC service. Morocco looks GORGEOUS by the way!Sorry you had all the problems with housing! 😦 Enjoy your summer! Your Ramadan should be AMAZING there! ❤
    Assalamu Alaikum,

  2. Go to Oujda… strawberries are sold 10DH for 1 Kilo!!! yes you read correctly. One kilo for 10 DH. Amazing juicey and sweet and big too. I was in heaven i looooove strawberries but they are rubbish in the UK just like other fruit. its fake and tastes nasty.

    You should visit Oujda and go to Esidia Beach from there. It has a lot to offer. Also while in the area take a visit to Ensfa… One of the oldest villages in East Morocco, Gaffeat known for its beautiful mountains and waterfalls and also tafoughalet mountains. They have an amazing cave that was being excavated 5 years ago by Oxford unviersity… as they found 100 bodies there and lots of objects showing that it was a town in the cave! subhanallah.

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