Hey Hey.. I got paid

Yippie we got paid. I am no longer part of the Poor Corp.. just kidding.  Yes.. its just that easy to go from cynical/depressed and questioning to happy.

Indeed many call the Peace Corps the Posh Corps.  On a complete tangent – it’s interesting that with the advent of technology more and more PVC’s are using it – of course!

Most PCV’s now bring a laptop, Kindle and a camera as well as many other gadgets such as iPads.  Reading has always been a favorite past time of PCV’s but now Kindle’s have taken the Morocco Corps by storm and I don’t see anyone going back although we do have a sweet library in Rabat – why borrow?  When you can download in a few minutes?

I met when I was in Rabat two months ago RPCV’s from the early 1990’s in Morocco.  I spoke with them about their service and it was especially interesting to hear about them memorizing all the other PCV’s addresses in country and then sending them letters to communicate.  Wow.. pretty mind blowing considering now we have a cell phone plan for PVC’s in Morocco and we can just pick up the phone and call any other PCV for free.

One of the RPCV’s talked about when the office in Morocco got its first cellphone and the Director at that time when for a walk all the way to the Old Medina in Rabat just to be able to call the office and see if the cell phone worked!  A small Edison moment for Peace Corps Morocco.

We also are huge users of social networking sites – specifically Facebook.  Even before we came to Morocco we were connecting through Facebook and had a group that we could talk to each other in and ask questions in – it still serves as a vital connection point for all of us in country.

Facebook also helps with our mental wellness – by lets us vent to fellow PCV’s and get an almost instant response to our woes or wins.

While many still keep paper journals – blogs are now the leading way we keep a record of our thoughts and experiences during service while sharing the everyday happenings with our family, friends, other PVC’s and strangers – who might be potential PCV’s – go 3rd goal!

But yeah.. I wrote this post just to say… I got some money in the bank  🙂  Which is always a good feeling.


3 thoughts on “Hey Hey.. I got paid

  1. Yay! Money!

    It’s always so interesting to learn how new technologies are used in far off places. It’s a small world after all!

  2. About free cell phone service to the other PCVs Morocco, do you spend as much time texting and talking on cell as you did in the U.S? Do you think your level of contact with fellow Americans in similar situation to yours has an impact on the transformative nature of your experience in Morocco?

    1. I actually am not a phone person to be honest and I don’t text much here. I find I use it as a tool to have a sounding board when crazy stuff happens like getting groped on a bus and I need emotional support. I think its a real life saver in that way. I am not sure as how it effects my service overall but I know that other PCV’s think its a life saver. Thanks for asking that question .. and ask me again at the end of my service and lets see if the answer changes!

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