Host Family Gifts

All volunteers regardless of where they go in the world are wondering as they pack – what is a good gift for my host family and won’t put me over the luggage weight limit for the flight?

In Morocco, you will have two host families … one in your CBT (Community Based Training Site) and the second in your final site.

There are a couple ways you can approach the gift giving –

1. Giving a gift to the whole host family unit.

2. Giving gifts to the age groups within the family.

3. Giving individual gifts

Kitchen Items –

A nice kitchen knife

Veggie Peeler

Pot holders

Dish cloths

Chico Bags

A nice fly swatter

School Supplies-

G2 Pens

Sharpie Pens – in colors!



Colored Pencils

White Out Tape

Pencil Sharpeners

Fun Shaped Erasers

Sports Items-

Your local soccer team jersey

A deflated ball – Soccer (Its the #1 Sport in Morocco) – Basketball – Football with the pump!




Food Items-

Nice Chocolate – See’s or another brand



Tea – Bagged not loose!

A box or two of Kraft Mac & Cheese – impress with your cooking skills 🙂

Other Items –

A nice picture frame to put a photo you take with your host family in the frame and give to them.

Magnets with the name or picture of your home town – remember to pack your electronics separately.

*Some PCV’s waited until they were in country to purchase a host family gift.  In my opinion, the host family gift is a great way to share American culture and break the ice especially if you give something that is produced locally where you live OR represents a local team!


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