Moroccan Lifeskill #1 – Using a Turkish Toilet – *Hashik*

So you have arrived here in Morocco and are facing your first call of nature. What do you need to know to have a successful usage of a Moroccan bathroom?

1. Bring your own TP, Baby Wipes or both as well as hand soap.

2. A. Roll up your pants to your knees. B.Pull your pants and underwear down to your knees. For the first month it may just be best to take your pants and underwear off and hang them over the bathroom door or wall as the case maybe. Make sure they do NOT touch the floor! *Don’t forget to empty your pockets!*

3. Squat over the toilet keeping your heels on the floor. This may mean you take a very wide squatting position if your not that flexible.

4. Do your business. Some people say if your doing a #1 – face the hole and if your doing a #2 face away from the hole but it doesn’t matter just as long as your bodily waste ends up in the hole – which you can then flush!

5. Clean up! If you have remembered TP / Baby wipes – your good – just toss them in the hole with your bodily waste.

6. Fill up your water bucket and pour it down the hole to flush. *Note if you need more “force” in your flush use gravity and hold the bucket up nice and high. If that doesn’t work – keep refilling and flushing until it does!*

7. Put your pants and underwear back on!

8. Wash your hands – with the soap you brought with you or with hand sanitizer you also packed.

9. Smile and enjoy the glow of your successful Turkish toilet experience

Possible issues that can occur when using a Turkish Toilet-

– You pee on your socks, shoes, pants and or skirt

– Your pants/ skirt end up wet from touching the water on the floor

– You lose your balance and fall on your ass in the bathroom – preferably not into the toilet

– You vomit but get hit by the back spray from the toilet

– You drop your phone, wallet or camera into the toliet or the bucket used to flush the toilet

*All of these things can be fixed by practice and use of one of these toilets – sorry there is no silver bullet for this one folks.


5 thoughts on “Moroccan Lifeskill #1 – Using a Turkish Toilet – *Hashik*

  1. When I was 12 my parents sent me to Athens Greece and they had those kinds of toilets. They scared me lol. You spelled it out perfect.

  2. This brings back a memory. Traveling west from Kabul in 1970 overland to Istanbul, the very worst toilet I encountered was at a cheap hotel in Istanbul. Some users had not heeded your list. I’d developed a strong stomach for such, but after all these years I can still be right back there in that stall. Yikes.

  3. LOL!!! Thanks for the memories! I wish I had your excellent instructions lo those many many years ago when I was in Italy and had to use one. (I don’t recall what they called it in Italy, but it wasn’t “Turkish”.)

  4. I remember in the souk in Kuwait, the best move was as you said in 2B above – take the thobe off and hang it on the hook. My roommate experienced these in Greece as well.

  5. LOOOOL i grew up using these loos. But its funny to read and hear of people using them for the first time.

    Also be careful… some of these loos are not connected to a sewage system. If you are in a small town or villiage in rural areas the loos have a septic tank which is emptied by the government throughout the year. In some house the septic tank is kept directly under the “turkish loo” on the ground floor. I have heard of 2 people who used the toliet and then fixing came loose from the weight and they ended up falling into the septic tank and drowning in it!!! What a horrible way to die.

    A way to avoid this? do not stand on loo itself. If you are young and flexiable place your feet on either side away from the actual loo. Just to avoid that awful end to your life. Drowning in disgusting septic tank!!

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