Hub Day #1

The first return to our hub site after being with our host families for two weeks was like a live preserver thrown to a drowning person. Living with a host family is overwhelming, disorienting, confusing and at times extremely frustrating. Never have I seen such large and complexly intertwined families as I have seen here in Morocco. Its like one human knot that spans generations.

Going to hub was like being able to touch the bottom of the pool if only for a second before dipping back down into the waters known as my host family. It was nice to also be able to get away from my CBT site mates and socialize with other PC Trainees while catching up on their interesting stories about their experiences. Its nice to be able to understand everyone around you instead of understanding small pieces of the conversation – so you get the topic maybe but everything else is a loss.

There was also the dreaded D-Train, which happened every time I went back to hub. The food preparation standards left much to be desired for my stomach. So that it took a good 3-4 days to get my stomach back to normal once I got back to my host family. My host family in Ras Lma is simply amazing specifically my host mom – who is an amazing cook and really funny!

Hub was also an excellent time to explore Fez further and to stock up on items that are difficult to get in CBT – like baby wipes – way better than toilet paper for overall cleanliness. Its also a great time to go eat pizza or another American food item that Moroccan’s are obsessed with – which seems to be the fast food not any American cuisine that be found on a regular night in an American home.

Fez even has a Mc Donald’s – which is expensive but it was worth getting a Flurry and hanging out with friends at what seems like the Mecca for American food and perhaps the idealization of American values in Fez. Heading back to our host families at times felt bitter sweet but the reality was in then end I missed them more and felt hub was the disruption of my learning and integration into my CBT community.


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